Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ideas for a Better Coat Closet

If you are the owner of a home built before 1980 or a condo, chances are you have an entry way coat closet rather than a mudroom for storing your outerwear, shoes and so on. 

It is also likely that you wish your coat closet was about 5 times larger that it is.  That is not surprising.  The coat closet is often the dumping station for everything when we get home and the last stop when trying to get out the door.  Because of the coat closet's integral role in our daily lives, organization is vital.  Who wants to be greeted with chaos when you get home?  Or worse, who wants to spend an extra 10 minutes looking for a pair of gloves when trying to leave?

While you may think expanding your coat closet space is the only answer, we have some great tips for maximizing the potential of your existing closet space.

Use Your Space Wisely-
In no other area of your home can a custom organization system have a bigger impact than a coat closet.  A custom design is tailored to fit your specific needs.  Another great benefit to a custom system is the design options offered.  Thinking beyond the traditional closet design of a closet rod at eye height with a shelf above it will have a truly transformational impact on your closet's storage potential and organizational upkeep.  Custom features like shoe racks, pull out drawers and cubbies will not only increase storage space but help keep your closet organized and it's appearance tidy.

Don't Ask Your Coat Closet For More Than It Can Give
Even with a custom organization system, there are limits to what your closet can hold.  Trying to cram too much into your coat closet will only make it harder to keep organized.  Store out of season gear somewhere else and switch it out when the seasons change.  Also, analyze whether each item in your coat closet really needs to be there.  Does it have to do with entering or leaving your home?  If not, move it somewhere else that makes more sense.  For example, coats and gloves belong in a coat closet but bulky sports equipment is probably better off stored in the garage where it can easily be loaded into your vehicle.

There's No Better Medicine than Prevention
What is good for the body is also good for our closets.  Give your coat closet a bi-annual closet check-up.  At least twice a year, take everything out of your coat closet and assess your belonging to clear out items that are no longer used or belong somewhere else.  After your assessment, reorganize your items as you put them back in.  We recommend doing this when switching out seasonal gear.
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