Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Ultimate Compliment...A Repeat Customer!

The ultimate compliment that can be made in a customer service oriented business is a repeat customer.  When a client is so happy with the outcome of a project that they ask you to come back to do another then you know you exceeded expectations. While we do have a good number of repeat customers, we have one that stands out from the crowd having asked us to return for four projects across two homes!  She is a spectacular lady and we feel honored to have worked with her on four very unique projects.  We recently interviewed Gail.  Read on to learn about Gail and what keeps her coming back to Closets For Life!

Closets For Life: First, tell us a little about yourself!
I retired 6 years ago and now work part-time for my husband's Real Estate Appraisal business.  Together we have 6 children and going on 8 grandchildren.  Our family keeps us busy but we also love to golf.

Closets For Life: How did you first hear about Closets For Life?
We initially wanted to install a Murphy Bed and I found his information online.  We previously lived in Apple Valley and wanted someone close. 

Closets For Life: If you could describe Rick Lyrek and Closets For Life using three words, what would they be?
Professional, Visionary, Satisfaction!!
Closets For Life: What has been you experience working with Closets For Life?
It has been wonderful.  It is a "small town" feel for me.  I love that when I have an idea, he helps me with the design.  It is really exciting for me!  To have created something instead of buying it in a store is so much more rewarding.

Also, we had water in our basement this past year and had to have the Murphy Bed and Desk un-installed and re-installed due to carpet replacement.  Rick came out and took care of everything.  He made a difficult situation very easy. 
Closets For Life: You have had Rick out to do four projects in your home!  Can you briefly describe each project?  Which project was your favorite?

The first project was a Murphy Bed and  separate area for a desk. I was working 1/2 time at home and we wanted the extra bed for out of town guests. It made perfect use of our space. (This is my favorite!).

The second project was a shelf unit.  I had previously had an inexpensive shelf unit for pictures.  It was across from the Murphy Bed and I wanted something that held pictures on top shelves and drawers on the bottom so when we had family stay over they could use the drawers for their clothes.  I could not find anything like this in a store or online.  I just love it.

The third project was the entertainment system under the TV.

The fourth project was in the lower level bathroom.  It is so small and I had a storage container to hold towels, which stuck out and got in the way when you got our of the shower.  My husband thought of putting in a shelving unit that was installed into the wall and came out a few inches into the bathroom.  I emailed Rick and he came out and designed it, adding drawers on the bottom!  It is so unique and everyone who sees it loves it.

Closets For Life: You had Rick build an entertainment system unit.  Why did you choose to have something custom built rather than just purchase something in a store?
I measured what dimensions I wanted under our flat screen TV and looked for days online and could not find anything I wanted.  I wanted slots for our receiver, sound system and Wii and drawers below for  storage.  There was nothing! So, I sent Rick an email.  He came out and we talked about what my plans were.  He made the drawings, made adjustments and I loved it! 

When you are going to invest in furniture, you might as well get it the way you want it.  He has so many options for the designs, color, etc. 
Closets For Life: What is your next planned home project? 
We may do another Murphy bed!
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