Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Ideas for a Better Organized Kitchen

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.  Kitchens are the key gathering area in a home; a home base for family, the place people gather at a party, where homework and mail gets dropped.  All this activity means the opportunities to improve your kitchens flow and functionality are numerous. 

From small steps like organizing a junk drawer to bigger changes like adding pull out shelving in your cabinets, improvements in your kitchen will have a big impact on your use of the space.  Intrigued?  Below are links to some kitchen project ideas big and small.

How to organize your junk drawer in 30 minutes.

Do it yourself kitchen storage solutions from one of our favorite magazines, The Family Handyman.

Thinking of adding a pantry or changing the organization of your pantry? This link features great photos of kitchen pantries of all layout and sizes.

This link from Better Homes and Gardens features great storage ideas for appliances.

Love the look of your cabinets but not their functionality?  Read how installing pull out shelves to existing cabinets can have a big impact.

We hope you have found these ideas helpful in creating a more efficient kitchen.  If you are interesting in seeing how Closets For Life can help you create a more organized kitchen space, contact us by phone at 952-484-0416 or by email at rlyrek@closetsforlife.com for a free in-home consultation. We will come out to your home to discuss your needs, assess your existing space and then design a custom organization solution designed specifically for you.

Closets For Life is a custom organization company that works with residential clients as well as designers, builders and architects to create innovative storage solutions for all organizational needs including kitchens, pantries, closets, offices, garages, laundry rooms, wine cellars and Murphy beds. Closets For Life is a family owned and operated business. Visit our website at www.closetsforlife.com.