Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Women (or Anyone!) Can Build a Closet Organizer

So you have decided you need to add some kind of organization to your closet? You are lucky in that there are many different options available to bring organization to your closet and your life. Keep reading for an easy guide to determining how to design and install a great closet organization system.

First Make Your Closet Wish List

Before hastily running off to the store, first take some time to make your closet wish list.
  • What could you do with your closet to make your life easier? For example, eye level shelving can make finding your sweaters much easier and extend the life of your garments.
  • Analyse the contents of your closet. For example, if you own multiple dress shirts, a dual closet bar would be a great way to double your usable space.
  • Go online to look at examples of closets like yours to get ideas of the different options available to you.
  • A great way to visualize possible options is to draw it out. Good old fashioned graph paper will work just fine.
Next Look At Your Options

Once you have an idea of what you want, the next step is to research the different closet organization systems available to you. There are basically three choices in closet organization: build it yourself closet organizers, off-the-shelf closet organizers and custom closet systems.
Build It Yourself - If you are a handy person, this option can be the most economical way to go. There are several great websites out there such as these Home Depot and Better Homes and Garden sites. Both sites give shopping lists and step by step instructions on how to build a closet organizer.
Off the Shelf Systems - Assuming an arsenal of tools and handyman experience is not at your disposal, then an off-the-shelf system or custom closet organization system may be the best option for you. There are many different brands of off-the-shelf options available at stores. On a tight budget, an off-the-shelf system can be a great choice, especially for reach-in or small walk-in closets. They offer flexibility, choices and easy installation. Some involve nothing more than hanging something from your existing closet rod. Others offer a more 'permanent' installation.
Custom Closet Design and Installation - Perhaps at the end of this process you find yourself overwhelmed by the choices, intimidated by installation or unsure that an off-the-shelf system can meet your needs. Then the custom closet option may be the best fit for you. Typically, custom closet companies will come to your house, assess your needs, design a system to meet those needs and professionally install it for you. The result is a closet organization system that will most likely last a life time and increase your home value.

In The End, Any Step Toward Organization Is Always a Great Choice!

Whatever choice you decide, you won't regret the decision or the time invested to add organization to your life. Good luck!
To see examples of closet organization, check out the Closets For Life website. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Closets For Life is a custom closet company that works with residential clients as well as designers, builders and architects to create innovative solutions for all your organizational needs. Closets For Life is a family owned and operated business.

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