Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tip to Make Christmas Decorating Easy

I love Christmas decorations.

What I don't love is the moment when I open up all my holiday boxes (did they breed and have babies in storage, how did I end up with this many!?) and realize I don't remember how I displayed it all last year.

You would think that I would remember from year to year what decorations went where but I don't, and this makes decorating just a bit more difficult and my mood a bit less jolly.

It turns out that a friend of mine has the perfect solution!  She has quite an extensive Christmas decoration collection.  To make setting up her decorations easier, she takes a photo of each area of her home after she decorates and stores the photo with the decorations when she puts them away for the year.  She takes a new photo of an area if she makes changes, otherwise she just uses the same photo year after year.  Genius, I say!

So if your holiday decorations are up, take a moment to go around and take photos of each decorated area and print the photos.  When you are ready to put your decorations away, store the photos with the items that are pictured.  Next year, you will be all set when Christmas rolls around.
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Shawnessy Schwartz
Closets For Life Aficionado


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