Monday, October 3, 2011

Famous Shoes

One Shoe Can Change Your Life....
Who said this? Why Cinderella of course! We recently installed a beautiful custom walk-in closet system for a client. When we returned to photograph the closet, the home owners had hung a sign with this quote in the closet. What a perfect quote for a dressing room closet and how true that sometimes something small, like a shoe, can be the catalyst for big changes!

That got us to thinking...... what other famous shoes are out there?

3000 Pairs of Shoes .....
Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos is the wife of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled from 1965-86. When Ferdinand and his wife, Imelda, fled the country in exile, countrymen found Imelda's collection of shoes in the presidential palace. The collection of shoes was estimated at 3,000 pairs. If Imelda Marcos changed her shoes three times a day, and never wore the same pair twice, it would take her more than two years and a half years to work through her shoe supply.

Click Your Heels Three Times....
You probably know that Dorothy, played by Judy Garland in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, wore ruby red slippers that she clicked three times to get home from the land of Oz. These slippers are one of the most famous and treasured film memorabilia in film history. They are so famous that one of the five known pairs can now be found at the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C..

What you may not know is that in L. Frank Baum's original novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wore silver shoes. The movie's creators changed them to ruby to take advantage of the new Technicolor film process(Dwight Blocker Bowers, January2010, "The Ruby Slippers: Inventing an American Icon"). I wonder those shoes would have had the same iconic impact if they had been silver!

You Never Know....
So, if your shoes are currently sitting in jumbled heap in your closet, think about what kind of closet organization you can add to take better care of them. After all, you never know which pair might change your life!

Shawnessy Schwartz
Closets For Life Aficionado

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