Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Create Usable Space in your Closet

Some realtors refer to the master bedroom closet as prime real estate. Why? Think about it - we ask our closets to hold and do a lot!

It's a room that is a vital part of our daily routine. We use our closets at least two times a day if not more. So, why then do so few of us ever branch out past the standard single bar with a shelf above? This is an area that has potential with a capital P! Your closet has the capacity to give you so much more in the way of storage and ease of access...its just waiting for you to take the first step!

There are so many options that can be used together in countless designs to gain more usable closet space. We can't go over them all but here is a sneak peek.

Dual closet rods
More than half of the clothes in an average closet are shirts which take up only a third of the vertical space in a closet. Think of all of that unused vertical real estate! Adding a second closet rod in your closet is a great way to maximize your closet space.

Shoe racks
Built vertically or stacked horizontally, shoe racks protect your shoes and keep them organized and easy to find.

Shelving with pull out drawers
Are your sweaters currently in a hard to reach jumbled pile on your top shelf. Adding vertical shelving with drawers or bins that pull out keeps sweaters and other hard to hang items in perfect condition and within easy reach.

Jewelry trays and built in vanities
Always fighting for bathroom space with family members? A walk-in closet is a great space to add a vanity. Create your own private oasis where you can get ready without interruptions.

Cabinet Island:
If you have the space, adding a cabinet island in your walk-in closet will have a huge impact. Use the island for folding clothes, additional clothes storage or tuck away a laundry basket in the cabinet for a cleaner closet look.

Dual closet bars and built in vanities are just some of the many storage options you have to unlock your closets' potential when you have Closets For Life design a custom closet for your reach-in or walk-in closet. With a free consultation we can help you identify your needs and design a custom closet that will turn your fixer-upper closet into prime real estate.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Closets For Life is a custom closet company that works with residential clients as well as designers, builders and architects to create innovative solutions to all of your organizational needs. Closets For Life is a family owned and operated business.

Contact Closets For Life for a free in-home consultation for your new closet,
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Shawnessy Schwartz
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