Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Closet Organization System

Frustration!  You can't take another day of walking into your overstuffed closet with sweaters on the top shelf falling on you and dress shirts wrinkled from being crammed in too tight.  You have always wanted a custom closet organization system and you are ready to make the first step. 

Overstuffed Closet
You pick up the phone to schedule an in-home consultation......but STOP!   Wait....did we say 'stop'? 
Yes, we did.

It is great that you are ready to take charge of your closet.  However, before you have your in-home consultation, take just a little time to stare at your closet and think.  Not only will this help your in-home consultation go smoother, it will also help ensure that you end up with a custom closet system that is exactly what you needed.  Here is a short list of factors to think about when planning your custom closet organization system.

Current Needs
Look at your closet and determine what needs are most important for this closet.  Perhaps you have a lot of accessories like ties and belts that need a designated space or maybe your love for shoes has taken over your closet floor.  You will most likely have several designated priorities and it is helpful to have them listed out for your consultation so nothing is overlooked.

Future Needs
It is fairly easy to look at a closet and figure out what you need right now.  A trickier but equally as important consideration is what your future needs will be.  Giving yourself just enough shoe rack space for your current pairs of shoes is fine for now but what about when you come home with those new boots you just couldn't pass up?  Make sure you are looking forward with your design goals.

When designing a custom organization system, make sure to consider options that allow you to change things up.  You might decide that you need more shelves for your summer clothes and less shelves for your winter clothes.  Ask for a design that allows you this flexibility.

The list of material and finish options for your custom closet organization system is endless.  Wood, melamine, color and texture name it and it is out there.  Take some time before your consultation to look around for photos of finished custom closets.  Figuring out what you like beforehand will mean you won't end up seeing a picture of something you love a week after your closet organization is completed.  

Reach-In Custom Closet Organization System

Now you are ready for your in-home consultation!  A good custom closet consultant will help you determine the best design to meet your organization needs.  However, taking some time beforehand to contemplate your own goals will really make a difference in ensuring you are overjoyed with your new closet.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Closets For Life is a custom closet company that works with residential clients as well as designers, builders, remodelers and architects to create innovative solutions for all of your organizational needs including Murphy beds, closet and office organization systems and wine cellars.

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