Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips for Organizing Children's Closets

Keeping your child's closet organized can be a challenge.  Getting your kids to keep any area organized can be tough and to make things harder, their closet content is constantly changing.  As adults we typically add new items to our closets slowly and other than seasonal changes, the closet structure usually stays the same.  Children on the other hand are constantly moving in a whole new set of clothes as they grow and new toys as their interests change. 
With these challenges in mind, here are some great tips to keeping their closets organized from birth to graduation.

Design the layout of your child's closet to be flexible.  For example, having a second closet rod positioned lower is wonderful for little kids.  It allows them to reach their day to day clothes on their own and the top bar can still be used for dress clothes or out of season clothes.  As they get older and taller, this second bar can be removed, if needed, to make room for other storage options.

Drawers Instead of Open Shelves
A lot of people will tell you to install lots of open shelves in your child's closet.  The idea is that shelves are easier for kids to access and folding is quicker and easier than hanging.  This is almost always accompanied by a photo of a child's closet featuring perfectly folded and arranged shirts and pants.  Perhaps your children are capable of this but my children's idea of folding is no where near that perfect meaning those open shelves will look messy and disorganized!

Save yourself that battle and instead install pull out drawers or a drawer unit in your child's closet.  You will still enjoy the advantages of folded clothes and easy access and, when closed, the drawers will keep the closet looking clean and organized.

Up, Up and Away with Out of Season or Too Big Clothing
Store out of season and too big clothing in bins on the top shelf of your child's closet.  Putting them in bins on the top shelf means they are within easy reach when its time to pull them out.  However, make sure you are not storing huge bins on the top shelf.  Opt for medium to smaller sized bins instead.  They are easier to get down and fit better on the shelf.  They are also less of a hazard.  You never know what kids are going to get into and you wouldn't want a huge bin being pulled down and falling on a child.

Under the Bed - Prime Realty
If you feel like your child doesn't have enough space in their closet, think about utilizing the space under their bed.  Bins that are just the right height to slide under the bed can be used to store shoes, toys, socks.  They are a perfect kid level storage spot.

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