Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 Great Organizing Tips - Little Changes, Big Impact

People tend to believe that an effort to be more organized involves elaborate overhauls of our existing routines or houses.  In truth, little changes can have a big impact.  Here are 3 easy-to-implement tips that can save you time and have your household running smoother.

The Many Fabulous Uses for Hooks
Our first tip comes from a talented professional organizer, Sheila Dingels of Successful Simplicity.  We love her idea of using 3M’s Decorative Command Hooks as a functional yet attractive solution to many of your organizing dilemmas. 

Shelia recommends hanging a series of hooks on the back of your bedroom closet door to hold those once-worn clothes that are still clean enough to wear again, but you don’t want to put away.  Or hang one hook on the wall next to your child’s closet for the clothes they want to wear to school tomorrow, so they don’t waste oodles of time getting ready.  Or why not us Command Hooks to make a decorative display on a bedroom wall of your favorite accessories like necklaces, handbags, or hats? 

Bread Tags Make The Perfect Cord Labels
Another great professional organizer and fellow blogger, Andrea Brandt of Smiling Spaces, recently posted a great tip on her blog that is so simple and cheap, it's brilliant.

Use plastic bread tags to label and organize cord labels.  Nothing is more frustrating that trying to wade through a cluster of cords while trying to figure out which cord belongs to the printer, scanner, TV, DVD player, modem...the list goes on forever.  Take Andrea's tip and use your left over plastic bread tags to label the cords.  You'll never have to guess again!

Check out Andrea's Smiling Spaces blog, for more great ideas.

Keep Track of Children's Clothing With Dots
From the website, www.thriftyfun.com, is a great way to keep track of kids clothing.
When you have 2 or more children all the same sex and close in age it can be difficult to keep underwear, socks and other clothes sorted and in the correct drawers.  We all know about "Hand-me-Downs".  Dealing with them can be helpful if you use a permanent marker and put 1 dot it in the waistband or tag of the article of clothing for the oldest child.  When they pass it down to the second child, you add another dot.  Add a third dot for the third child, and if they are still not worn out you can keep passing it down just adding a dot to indicate which child's pile and drawer each item would go to.  Socks can be marked on the bottom.  Makes life in the laundry room much easier!

Make it Easy
We hope these tips inspired you to look for little changes that can make your day run smoother.  We all get overwhelmed at times looking at everything that needs to be done.  Sometimes it helps to figure out how to work smarter, not harder.  Good luck!

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